Every journey has a beginning...

Hello fellow cheese-a-holics! Lauretta here, but both myself and my husband are self confessed curd-nerds... well, I'm the cheese nerd of the partnership while my husband Evan simply can't pass up a great tasting cheese!

My food journey as a chef began over 23 years ago and boy has it been a roller coaster ride! I have always had a passion for good food and this has led me across many fields within the food industry, from five star restaurants to cake making, and innovation within supermarkets across SA. However, my journey as a curd nerd only began in earnest around 6 years ago and my love, passion and dedication to cheese has led my husband and i into fulfilling the dream of owning and running our very own online business and shop front.


Sadly our adventure inside Plant 4 has come to an end and for the future of Cheese-A-Holics, we have decided to close down our storefront and move into online sales as well as festivals and markets around South Australia.

I have spent the better part of a decade falling in love with the world of artisan cheeses; the romance and history caught me in it's embrace and I simply love sharing my passion for cheese with my customers. Now I want to share that knowledge and passion to a larger audience. So here we are, say hello to Cheese-a-Holics!

I truly hope that you will come along on our cheese journey; learn about the beauty of cheese and gift your taste buds with flavours you never thought existed!